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FirstBlood (1ST) Rank 1185
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FirstBlood (1ST)
FirstBlood (1ST)

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FirstBlood (1ST)
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FirstBlood is a decentralized platform where gamers can be rewarded for their gaming skills. Built on Ethereum, the First Blood platform allows users to bet against each other on mainstream games and for the results to be verified and settled automatically via a smart-contract system, eliminating attack vectors, middlemen, and server down time.

Full Name FirstBlood (1ST)
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Twitter @firstbloodio
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Total Coins Mined 85,558,371 1ST
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ICO Details

ICO Details

FirstBlood will be the first decentralized app, built on top of Ethereum, that allows eSports enthusiasts to compete in their favorite games through a decentralized, automated platform. FirstBlood aims to be the preferred global platform for skill-based eSports competitors. FirstBlood Token 1ST is an essential part of the FirstBlood ecosystem and economy. The four major utilities available to FirstBlood Token holders are:

(1) Playing matches

(2) Witnessing matches and voting on the jury

(3) Hosting tournaments

(4) Claiming rewards from referrals

The first hour of the crowsdale was a 'Power Hour,'  where 1 Ether bought 170 1SŦ. After that, the price was going to drop to 150:1, and then decrease every week until it reaches 100:1 in the fourth week. The power hour only lasted 10 minutes until the full $5.5million was raised. A total of 465,312.999 Ether was raised from 464 accounts with the largest investment worth more than $3 Million. 10% of tokens are being kept by the founding team and are subject to a 12 month holding period. 5% are to be allocated for the promotion of eSports events. 


ICO Status Finished
Token Supply 93468691
Start Date 2016-09-26
End Date 2016-09-26
Fund Raised (BTC) 465,312.999 ETH
Fund Raised (USD) 5500000
Start Price (USD) 0.0058823
Security Audit Company N/A
ICO Legal Form N/A
ICO Jurisdiction N/A
Legal Advisers N/A
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