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Wings DAO (WINGS) Rank 381
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Wings is a platform where users can create and invest in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). These DAOs can be created without any specific coding knowledge or technical skills, and are approved through a prediction market feature. the Wings Platform is run by a DAO itself, the Wings DAO. Wings DAO tokens, WINGS, represent a share within that DAO and allows users to vote on the developments of the platform, and to recieve dividends from the fees generated within the platform.

Full Name Wings DAO (WINGS)
Start Date N/A
Algorithm N/A
Proof Type N/A
Twitter @wingsplatform
Block Number N/A
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Block Reward N/A
Total Coins Mined 94,448,432 WINGS
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Net Hashes Per Second N/A
ICO Details

ICO Details

Wings tokens serve as a means of participating in the prediction market (as a submitter or a forecaster) and a means of preventing spam and sybil attacks. All transactions will require a small fee, similar to Ethereum’s gas fees. Submitting a proposal will also require a listing fee, which can vary based on the proposal submitter’s forecast rating and is meant to discourage spam. 


  • Serguei Popov: Scientific Advisor. (LinkedIn);
  • Boris Povod: Blockchain Developer. (LinkedIn, Twitter);
  • Stas Oskin: Biz Dev and Core Dev. (LinkedIn);
  • Alexey Kopievsky: Senior Frontend Developer. (LinkedIn);
  • Artem Gorbachev: Math Model Developer. (LinkedIn);
  • Harsh Vakharia: Full Stack Developer. (LinkedIn, Twitter);
  • Sebastian Stupurac: Project & Product. (LinkedIn);
  • Dominik Zynis: Marketing & Communications. (Twitter);
  • Nikolay Taymanov: Community Manager. (Twitter);

Wings held its ICO on November 18, 2016 and raised close to $2 Million (2010.4 BTC) in the crowdfund. The ICO ended on January 6, 2017. The foundation paid some debts and of that amount just a bit over $350,000 worth of BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC and XRP were allocated to the marketing and communications fund which is managed by Dominik Zynis, WINGS co-founder and WINGS Foundation communications lead. The foundation sold some BTC and XRP to various fiat currencies. After their sales, the portfolio increased in value to around $1 Million (May 2, 2017) which was allocated for communications and marketing activities over the life of the foundation. The foundation has divested from the BTC, XRP, LTC, ETH, ETC and have focused on investing the fund in ERC20 tokens. You need to register on the website to get the whitepaper.

Ethscan and Roadmap.

ICO Status Finished
Token Supply 100000000
Start Date 2016-11-18
End Date 2017-01-06
Fund Raised (BTC) N/A
Fund Raised (USD) 2000000
Start Price (USD) 0.026
Security Audit Company N/A
ICO Legal Form N/A
ICO Jurisdiction N/A
Legal Advisers N/A
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