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The attacker used a $10 million flash loan from Solana lending pool Solend to drain $3.5 million from the Nirvana treasury. Read more


PRESS RELEASE. ROLA, a community-driven platform for the crypto industry, allows users to participate in AI-based predictions on all market aspects while leveraging real-time market insights on top of professional analysts’ knowledge. The ROLA app enables users to consume market insights while improving from the users’ votes. The algorithm thus improves from the signals it […] Read more

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US-based VC firms Thrive and Founders Fund participated in the round. Read more

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The chief executive officer of Ripple has discussed his thoughts on the potential results U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)... Continue reading The post Ripple CEO claims SEC ‘massively overstepped’ and the law is ‘on our side’ appeared first on Finbold. Read more

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The AR price action shows a consolidation range within the 50 and 100-day SMA as the price reverses from the $15 mark. Will the downfall reach the $10 mark? Key Technical Points: The AR prices jumped by 9.95% in the last 24 hours. The bullish reversal from the 50-day SMA fails to exceed the $15 mark. The 24-hour trading volume of Arweave is $55 million, indicating a drop of 128%. Past Performance of AR As teased in our previous article, the AR prices break about the 50-day SMA to challenge the overhead resistance of the 100-day SMA close to $17.50. However, the buyers failed to exceed the opposing SMA resulting in a price fall to the $12 mark. Currently, the prices consolidate within the SMAs after the bullish reversal last night, accounting for a price jump of 17%. Source – Tradingview AR Technical Analysis The recent bullish attempt to exceed the 100-day SMA fails as the prices take a bearish turnaround from the $15 mark. Hence, the likelihood of an uptrend continuation decreases with the increase in selling pressure. As said, the prices continuing to consolidate within the SMA will provide a breakout opportunity shortly, which may result in a highly volatile spike in either direction. The bullish reversal in the RSI slope faces opposition from the 14-day SMA, undermining the overnight increase in underlying bullishness. Furthermore, the MACD and signal lines maintain a bearish alignment as buyers struggle to bring another c... Read more

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Proposed bipartisan legislation on stablecoins has been delayed until after Congress returns from its August recess, said Rep. Maxine Waters. Read more

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Lido DAO, the governance forum for the Lido Finance project, has put forward a new proposal for selling LDO 10m tokens to crypto investment firm Dragonfly Capital, apparently with better terms. "Ok, lets try this again," states the new proposal, which was submitted by Lido's head of business Jacob Blish on Wednesday. It calls for selling LDO 10m tokens to the VC firm but with some adjustments. For one, the proposal now includes a one-year vesting period for Dragonfly....Read More: 'Let's Try This Again': Lido DAO Relaunches Proposal for Selling LDO 10M to Dragonfly Capital with 'Better Terms' Read more

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  NIRVANA Loses $12M, its Stablecoin falls by 91%, and Its Native Token Decline by 85%. Nirvana suffers a flash loan with a funding gap of over $12 million: ANA and NIRV decrease by 85% and 91%, respectively. #PeckShieldAlert Stablecoin $NIRV has dropped -92% to $0.09. $ANA haas dropped -85% to $1.28 @nirvana_fi @solana Thanks […]The post Another StableCoin Loses Its USD Peg, Falls By 91% appeared first on The Crypto Basic. Read more

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The Pavia team has announced an intriguing metaverse project built on the Cardano platform. A new map user interface is currently being tested in Pavia, which landowners eagerly anticipate. At the height of the excitement surrounding this crypto market niche, Pavia was introduced in 2021. Players can purchase real estate and in-game NFT or CNFT products here, just like in another well-known project called Sandbox, using PAVIA or ADA tokens. According to the JPG Store, approximately 18,000 people have purchased properties in the Pavia Metaverse since it first launched, with a total transaction value of more than 28 million ADA. Our team are currently testing our brand new website and map UI ahead of our exciting rebrand! In fact, this will be the last time we tweet the in this style. Are you a Pavia map OG? #Cardano #Metaverse #OGMap — (@Pavia_io) July 27, 2022 Metaverse Real Estate Report The Metaverse real estate market alone can increase by more than $5 billion over the next 3.5 years, according to a recent study report from Technavio. The popularity of mixed reality and cryptocurrency will be the primary development reason. Yet, the biggest barrier to the market is the inability to determine the accurate value of properties in metaverses. Considering that the biggest Metaverses are Ethereum-based, where even gas expenses severely drain investors’ bank accounts, it ... Read more

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The Ethereum creator added that the Merge needs to happen on a timetable and discussed scalability developments in the ecosystem in a Bankless interview. Buterin Discusses the Merge The impact... Read more