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The SEC has filed a reply memo to support its interlocutory appeal in its legal battle against Ripple, citing complex legal issues. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken another step in its legal battle against Ripple by filing a reply memo requesting certification for its interlocutory appeal. In this filing, the The post The SEC Accuses Ripple of Tactically Prolonging Lawsuit to Continue Selling XRP, Deaton Reacts appeared first on Times Tabloid . Read more

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While the global financial industry remains in flux, Ripple has been strategically positioning itself for a greater slice of the American financial pie. Their most recent move? The acquisition of Fortress Trust. This is not just any acquisition; it’s a power move, indicating Ripple’s unwavering ambition to expand its dominance in the U.S. markets. Fortifying ... Read more Read more

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Representatives of Pepe (PEPE), third-largest meme coin by market capitalization, say that two popular PEPE-associated accounts are hacked Read more

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Dubai, the city of gold, is known for its opulence, skyscrapers, and a lifestyle that screams luxury. It’s a place where innovation meets tradition, and this fusion is evident in every aspect of life, including entertainment. While gambling is generally frowned upon in the UAE due to religious reasons, the advent of online crypto casinos ... Read more Read more

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The decision came in response to the abrupt collapse of Thodex in 2021. Read more

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It’s evident that the era of digital assets isn’t on the horizon; it’s right here, challenging our traditional financial systems and urging our lawmakers to adapt. But as they scurry to understand and legislate this elusive technology, industry players like the Blockchain Association are stepping up with their insights. They’re not just lobbying; they’re pointing ... Read more Read more

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Formerly known as Dragonfly Capital, now known as Brevan Howard Digital, sold some of the altcoins it held. Continue Reading: Hedge Fund Brevan Howard Digital Has Been Selling Altcoins on Binance for the Last Three Days Read more

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Today, in the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, there were developments that rocked the foundations of the industry and drew the critical eyes of observers worldwide. Ripple’s Expansion Amidst Legal Tensions Ripple, an enterprise blockchain behemoth, boldly stepped up its game by snatching up Fortress Trust, a chartered trust company nestled in Nevada. This isn’t Ripple’s ... Read more Read more

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Scorch Coin, the ground-breaking burn meme coin, is thrilled to unveil its highly anticipated presale Read more

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SEC files new motion in support of its appeal request Read more