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ConstitutionDAO raised over $45 million in Ethereum to buy an original first printing of the U.S. Constitution at auction. Read more

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The past few months have been quite mundane for Uniswap. This DeFi token last witnessed a proper rally back in July-August. Over that period, notably, its price surged by more than 120% on the charts. However, that didn’t last long. Since its honeymoon phase passed, UNI has either fallen on the charts or traded horizontally […] Read more

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With the absurdly high amount of different meme coin projects on the market, it’s hard to find decent tokens that aren’t complete scams, pump and dumps, or straight up “rug pulls.” In this article, we hand picked 3 awesome meme coins that have a solid team, great project, and an overall bullish long-term outlook. While […]The post 3 Awesome Meme Coins You Probably Haven’t Heard Of appeared first on NullTX. Read more

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A key indicator to track on-chain bitcoin spending behavior and current market sentiment is the Spent Output Profit Ratio (SOPR). Read more

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Bitrefill, the startup that offers Bitcoin-funded prepaid cards for different services worldwide, launched a new bill-payment service that allows Salvadorans to pay for multiple basic needs using Bitcoin. The company made the announcement during the three-day conference Adopting Bitcoin carried in El Salvador, which brought together “the Bitcoin and Lightning community”. Bitcoin has been a legal tender in El Salvador since September 7th, but many businesses were not sticking to the requirement of accomodating the digital coin as a payment method into their operations, Bitrefill’s CEO noted. Some have even stated they rather lose sales. Bitrefill aims to offer a solution for businesses so they can easily adapt to using Bitcoin and ease their current worries. Related Reading | There Are More People Using Bitcoin Wallets Than Bank Accounts, Says El Salvador President Bitrefill’s bill-payment method will allow Salvadorians to pay for 150 different services using Bitcoin, including internet, water, insurance, loans, taxes, mortgage, social security services, university expenses, and others. They also allowed payments overseas. 12 services are available at the moment on the website, and they will be adding the rest over the next few weeks. The platform will be using Bitcoins Lightning Network and on-chain transactions, which allows low fees. “El Salvador can now live entire on Bitcoin”, state... Read more

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Nym Technologies has announced its third successful funding round from notable investors, this time worth $13 million. Read more

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Payment giant MoneyGram International continues to cement its partnership with the Stellar ecosystem. Via an official post, the company announced a new stage for its collaboration by deploying a live cash-in and cash-out pilot initiative in the United States. Related Reading | Stellar To Launch New Europe-Africa Payment Corridor With This Partner After ending its relationship with payment solution company Ripple due to the U.S. SEC lawsuit against its executives, MoneyGram established a collaboration with the Stellar Development Foundation. In a little under 2 months, the partners have taken important steps to improve the company’s payment settlement capabilities. According to MoneyGram, their newest pilot initiative has allowed them to deploy “one of the quickest, most seamless integrations yet”. As of now, participants in the U.S. can make dollar deposits into their wallets at certain MoneyGram establishments and leverage Stellar-based USDC Coin (USDC) to send instant payments abroad. In addition, participants will be able to exchange Stellar USDC for “any cash currency supported” on MoneyGram. The official post claims: With Stellar, MoneyGram enables consumers to seamlessly convert USDC to cash, or cash to USDC – all without requiring a bank account. Since USDC is the world’s fastest growing digital dollar currency, the utility and liquidity of this versatile digital asset will only grow as more wallets and companies j... Read more

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Under the leadership of Alan Lane, Silvergate became a remarkable transformation story.The company enjoys competitive advantages as a crypto-first bank.Valuation seems reasonable given its growth trajectory. Read more

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The U.S Joint Economic Committee (JEC) held a hearing titled “Demystifying Crypto: Digital Assets and the Role of Government” on 17 November. The agenda? Exploring the “regulatory, policy and economic concerns posed by digital assets.” Crypto-risks and stablecoin framework In his opening statement, JEC Chair Don Beyer commented, “Increased crypto-market volatility or a digital bank-run […] Read more


The government in Norway is considering ways to limit the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining and may support Swedish proposals to that end, including a European ban on proof-of-work mining. The European Commission has revealed it is already working to promote a transition to “more sustainable” protocols. Extensive Use of Renewable Energy for Mining Is […] Read more